Announcement Time!! – Information Time!!

Welcome to our COVENANT DAY OF TRUMPET and OUR SPECIAL EASTER CELEBRATION’ SERVICE. Because Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever, it shall be indeed, a re-enactment of His resurrection power for all of us.   The grave of everyone, and everything dying or dead in and around our lives shall bounce back to life again, as it happened on the first resurrection day (Matt 27:1-5), in Jesus Gracious Name!

 The April 2018 Prophetic Focus is: WISDOM FROM ABOVE MAKES HIGHFLYERS – Dan. 12:3

    1. PRAISE THE LORD! ‘OPERATION TAKE YOUR TERRITORIES FOR CHRIST’ PROPHETIC SEASON IS IN ITS 9TH WEEK. We are reminded, every member is to present the minimum of 12 souls to Christ and see them established in the Faith and in WCI Swindon this year from our network of friends, families and neighbours.  Remember that everyone shall be rewarded according to his own labour
    2.  COVENANT HOUR OF PRAYER: Covenant Hour of Prayer holds daily from Monday to Friday tune in to Canaanland from 5.30 to 6.30 am daily. Plug into this spiritual wave and partake of the blessings available through it
    3. MIDWEEK COMMUNION SERVICE: We shall be waiting on the Lord Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week, breaking and tuning into Canaanland at 6.00 pm each evening
    4.  WINNERS’ SATELLITE FELLOWSHIP (WSF). Our next WSF shall hold next Saturday 7th April 2018. All members should to take advantage of this spiritual lifeline for our growth and development by being part of the fellowship, thereby enjoying brotherly love, care and edification. Everyone should invite their friends and neighbours. Time is 5pm-6pm
    5. SHARE YOUR TESTIMONIES – The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of Prophecy – Rev. 19.10.  No testimony is too small to share, everyone is to keep sharing and registering their testimonies before the lord. Let’s encourage others and boost their faith with the proof of God’s greatness in our lives by sharing our testimonies before the brethren on the Main Altar and or dropping them with the Ushers
    6. CHURCH UNIT WORKERS MEETING: On Sunday the 8th of April 2018 at WCI Swindon, shall be our Church Unit Workers Meetings. All Unit heads should prepare and issue the unit’s meeting agenda to all unit members prior to the meeting
    7. Recommended books of the month include:  
      1. *Walking in wisdom   * The Wisdom that Works
    8. GOOD NEWS!!!: Next Sunday 8th April 2018 at WCI Swindon, is, Miracle Job Banquet. Favour shall answer to everyone on the line for miracle and open new chapters to the life of every worshipper by the miracle -working word, resulting in turnaround testimonies. Come along with neighbours, relations and other loved ones. Service time is 10.00AM, 12.00PM.